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Jeff Eldridge’s love of photography was passed down to him from his father. His dad would get his camera out at every family gathering. Though his father passed away twenty years ago, he still has his dad’s old Nikon camera. His family used to vacation on Cape Cod every summer in the town of Brewster. Every time he visits Cape Cod, he manages to capture more photos from that unique area.

Jeff has lived in several places on both the North East Coast and the West Coast. He currently resides in Austin, Texas. Austin suits him well because he also has a love of music. His absolute favorite band is the Grateful Dead. He goes to see a tribute band play (Dark Star Orchestra) every time they are in town. He has played the acoustic and electric guitar and has passed his love of music on to his two sons who both play a variety of instruments.

On weekends, Jeff often enjoys riding his motorcycle, Old Blue, with a group of friends or his wife. Springtime in Texas is the best time for riding because of all the wildflowers in bloom. He and his wife love the Texas bluebonnets so much that they grow them along the side of their house by the street for the neighborhood to enjoy.